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Terms and Conditions

Group Rules from the Admins
Post and comment
Post and comment ONLY in English language or if you want to post in your native languages you MUST have the English version too or the post will be removed.
DO NOT talk about sensitive topic
DO NOT talk about sex, religion, politics or whatever is not about TRAVELLING AROUND IN THAILAND, first you get one warning then you get banned
DO NOT use abusive or threatening language
DO NOT use abusive or threatening language when replying to posts/comments. If you do not like the post you can ignore it and if it’s inappropriate you can report to the admins.
NO hate speech or bullying
Make sure everyone feels safe. Bullying of any kind isn’t allowed and member should be respectful and help each other.
DO NOT promote your business without permission
DO NOT promote your business, website, blog, facebook page or other groups: Your post will be automatically delete and if you keep breaking the rule we will ban you from the group.
DO NOT apply the Facebook block on the admins
DO NOT apply the facebook block on the admins or you will immediately banned from the group.
No spam
Spam and irrelevant links aren’t allowed.Every post that will be considered as spam will be immediately deleted and the user will be immediately banned from the group.
Question about medical advise are NOT ALLOW
DO NOT ask question about medical treatment or vaccination advise.We are not medical professionals therefore we can not give you advise.Please go see the doctor.
No surveys
All kind of surveys are not allow in the group
Search function are there for a reason
Please try to use the search box to search if somebody has already opened a threat about what are you looking for or, if somebody already asked the question you got in your mind.
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